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Juicy Beverage Co.

Juicy's Hemp Infused Hard Seltzer is born from science, backed by science, and delivered with satisfaction!

Our Hemp Hard Seltzer takes the competition head on by doubling down on everything that has made the hard seltzer market the commerce powerhouse it is today.
Juicy Beverage Co. was created to offer the beverage industry with a unique and premium option to an already popular base.

Our company founder has extensive experience and successful high-level background in the bar and nightclub industry, that combined with his expertise from owning his own hemp-grow and hemp logistics operation he was able to have the vision to see an amazing
opportunity to fuse these two wildly successful industries by creating innovative and premium formulated beverages that consist of the formulations in the world of CBD/Hemp.

In short, this art of cutting-edge formulation allows Juicy Beverage to produce the most potent, best tasting adult and CBD beverages that consist of the highest bioavailability of its active ingredients which allows for better efficacy all the while maintaining and amazing taste making this a first of its kind in the world of premium beverages.

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